Stop and Smell the Roses

Posies, peonies, poppies…  Calla lilies, tulips, roses...  Succulents galore...  Whatever you envision for your big day, we can make it happen.  Entryway arrangements, altar arrangements, flowers for the pews or chairs, they do it all!  You can even repurpose some flowers while being conscious of your budget and transition your altar arrangement into a reception piece.  Work with our award-winning floral design team to create centerpieces that will leave your guests in awe and arrangements that will bring a smile to your face while looking back on pictures for years to come.  

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Setting the Tone With Your Wedding Cake

While it proves to be a difficult task to follow a blog about food, it makes it pretty darn easy when we’re talking about cakes!!  Oasis Conference Center has partnered up with a local boutique cakery to ensure that your cake will absolutely live up to your visions and be yet another part of your big day that has all your guests talking.  

Whether you're serving a cake for 9 or 99, we can help you set the right tone by choosing the right cake for you.

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It's Time to Choose the Food

Possibly one of the biggest stresses of planning a wedding is finding a caterer you really like that has the kind of options you want to provide to your guests.  You will find that the majority of venues only offer a short list of vendors which they are contracted with.  There is always a buffet option, always a sit down dinner option, but many times that’s where your options end.

While it is convenient to have a caterer who is familiar with the venue and will be able to plan out exactly how the food will be displayed, it is often a daunting task to choose a vendor with stellar food that can “cater” to your guests’ needs.  

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Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

Now that the “honeymoon phase” of the engagement is over, you’re left with several important choices regarding your big day.  Who’s going to stand by my side as I marry my best friend?  Where will we go on our honeymoon?  Do we enter the reception to “Another One Bites The Dust” or leave all of our elders wondering if they even really know us and crank up some Warren G and Nate Dogg?  Does Cousin Sarah get a plus one even though we ALL know they’re going to break up in 2 months?  Will we have an open bar or… yes, of course we will. A wedding planner can definitely be beneficial when it comes to managing your stress level while making sure your big day is everything you’ve been dreaming of!   

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It's Go Time!

If you are reading this, then we’re willing to bet you are one of them!  CONGRATULATIONS to the happy couple!  Now the planning begins.  Well, actually, we know the planning really began when you were 8 years old playing dress up… but this is not a drill.  It’s GO TIME.  And, we’re here to help! As a diligent and resourceful bride-to-be, you are about to tackle what we call “The Big Three." Your big day should be full of exuberance, laughter and of course, love!  A happy bride is a stress free bride.  And a stress free bride is one who is not going through her theoretical checklist over and over again in her head one last time while trying to keep tempo with “Canon in D”.  At Oasis, we take care of that checklist for you. 

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