Are you ready for your close-up?

“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”  - Ansel Adams

We have been discussing a variety of different wedding vendors who will help create the party of a lifetime: the food, the flowers, the cake, the entertainment.  But let’s not forget about arguably one of the most important vendors associated with your big day: the photographer. 

The photographer will be responsible for capturing moments throughout the day and creating a story through their work that you will read for years and years to come, long after the wedding has ended.  In this blog, we have come up with a “must-have” list of wedding photos.  It’s always important to create this list with your photographer to make sure all the magical moments are captured through the lens and can remain with you forever. 

Some of these seem like obvious photos that would not be forgotten.  But in the hustle and bustle of your big day, it will be reassuring knowing that you have created this list for your photographer to follow.

  • A styled invitation suite - This can be done before the wedding, the day of, or even after the chaos has ended.  Several couples will add accents such as flowers, rocks, heirlooms, the wedding bands, anything that will add a personal touch.
  • The getting ready moments - I loved having photos of myself and the wedding party all getting ready, hair and makeup done with mimosas in hand.
  • The accessories - the earrings, bracelets, necklaces, your tiara (because every wedding has royalty).  It’s always a nice touch to add in your something borrowed, blue, old and new in this photo.
  • The wedding shoes – The shoes that carry you down the aisle are a statement piece. Whether you go with stilettos, Converse or blinged out flip flops, it’s always a cool picture to have.
  • The bridal portrait - As soon as you have your hair done, makeup done, dress/tux on, veil, every last detail, be sure your photographer snaps a full length photo of you in all your glory.
  • The bouquet - Those flowers fresh out of the water, ready to go; always deserve a close up snapshot.
  • The “gang” – You’ll want to have a photo of your crew standing by your side.  The candid ones are always the best when the photographer is snapping photos of the laughs and conversations without you even knowing.
  • The boutonnieres - Just like the bouquet, these deserve a close up too.
  • The first look - Now this can come in many forms.  I wanted to wait for the first look until I walked down the aisle.  There’s something special about capturing the groom’s face while everyone else is focused on the other end of the aisle.  I chose to do first look photos with my dad prior to the ceremony and my gosh... they are my favorite ever!
  • The Happy Couple portraits - Of course you’ll get your photos with mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, etc.  But it’s so important to take some time with just the two of you and your photographer and go off alone to capture some intimate and candid moments as newlyweds.
  • The vows - The tears, the laughs, all of it.
  • The first kiss - no brainer!!
  • The tables and the place settings - You will love looking back and seeing the reception site all put together and completely empty.  These can make for breathtaking photos.
  • The cake - A sweet reminder of what it looked like before your new spouse tried to smear it all over your face despite your wishes.
  • The first dance - This one goes without saying, but always some of my favorite photos.  
  • The PARTY - It is always hysterical to look back at the photos taken while all your loved ones were getting downnn.  Photographers have a sneaky way of capturing embarrassing moments when your guests least expect it.
  • The last kiss - This one isn’t as common but it’s a sweet sentiment to have.  Ask your photographer for one last photo at the end of the night to capture the love and joy shared between the newlyweds on the best day ever.

These are just some of our ideas on what moments you may want to capture for your big day.  

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